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Safety and security

Safety and security

Security is of crucial importance to a happy and comfortable living. Should you encounter any security threat or concern, kindly call the police or reach out for us by calling 020-8694-8098 or report to the nearest security team available.

Our security team has partnered with the councils, the police and other security agencies to help lower hate crime, abuse (domestic abuse) and any other form antisocial behavior. Tenant complains are wholly investigated, and support is accorded as appropriate. Any form of insecurity is fully investigated and appropriate action taken.

Common crimes punishable include:

  • Hate crime
  • Domestic abuse
  • Antisocial behavior such as loud music
    • Use of DIY tools at antisocial hours
    • Door banging and slamming
    • Letting dogs to bark excessively
    • Dumping rubbish
    • Breaking shared security systems
    • Harassment
    • Deliberate intimidation, frightening etc.

Our compressive security policy covers both tenants and employees or workers. Strict legal action will be applied to anyone posing a security risk. Report any case to the police or contact us directly.