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Floating Support Services

What does it mean by Supported Housing Service?

The supported Housing Services is a program or scheme offered to individuals with mental complications and need the support of others to comfortably live independently. This service requires a high degree of professionalism and passion for service to mankind, which is exactly what our team of experts do. Our services are heavily tailored towards individuals with these needs, and are offered with a high degree of expertise from members of our team in order to quicken the recovery process, equip individuals with the attitude and courage to maintain their accommodation as they built on their skills needed to move on to the next step.

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Tenant, Resettlement and Family Support

With a team of dedicated housing experts, Supported Housing boasts of a wide range of quality services tailored to meet all your specials needs. Our priority is to provide a highly personalized supported housing experience for every client, thus making our customers feel comfortable with their decisions.

Resettlement support services

Need to relocate or settle in a different location to your current site? We are here for you! We present a wide range of services for resettlement and we will ensure your transition independent living, where you will begin your new life; free from any support services of our support team. Simply fill the form below to Contact Us or call directly at 0208 088 9019 Family Support Services   Our team of experienced and trained members offers a variety of support services, but more precisely, you will be guided to build a positive attitude to strengthen you so that you can build your capabilities to reach your goals. If you  need more personalized help, you will be accorded dedicated workers to assist you plan your activities and help move towards your goals. We also have a comprehensive recovery plan for our tenants.

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