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Supported Housing Services

What does it mean by Supported Housing Service? The supported Housing Services is a program or scheme offered to individuals with mental complications and need the support of others to comfortably live independently. This service requires a high degree of professionalism and passion for service to people we meet which is exactly what our team are experts at doing

Our services are heavily tailored towards individuals with these needs, and are offered with a high degree of expertise from members of our team in order to quicken the recovery process, equip individuals with the attitude and courage to maintain their accommodation as they built on their skills needed to move on to the next step.

Categories of Supported Housing: At Supported Housing, UK, we provide a variety of specialised quality orientated accommodation services set in different points across the city: 

Temporary Housing We have a good number of temporary accommodation facilities in several cities for example, Bristol which can accommodate up to between 4 and 6 individuals in shared houses and self-contained rooms for up to 18 months. The shared houses comprises of individual bedrooms while the kitchens, lounge and bathrooms may be shared. The self-contained flats comprise individual facilities like kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms and are not shared. In these flats though, individuals pay for their utility bills and are also of different types. Contact us for more details on availability and more details.

Long Term Accommodation If you want long term accommodation services, we have the perfect match for you. However due to high demand and nature of accommodation specified here, availability can sometimes be limited. We advise that you Contact us for more details and confirmation of availability.

Support? What kind of support will I receive? Our team of experienced and trained members offers a variety of support services, but more precisely, you will be guided to build a positive attitude to strengthen you so that you can build your capabilities to reach your goals. If you need more personalized help, you will be accorded dedicated workers to assist you plan your activities and help move towards your goals. We also have a comprehensive recovery plan for our tenants. Is a referral needed to use this service? This service is available for long-term accommodation, where you directly contact us or visit our premises. Referrals are accepted from any of the following-housing, social, health, services and/or voluntary organizations. How to Contact Us For either Temporary housing services or the Long-term housing needs, please Contact Us via email: info@3let.co.uk or call in directly at: 0208 088 9019. You can also fill the form in our Contact Us page or below.   How do I qualify for SURPOTTED HOUSING SERVICES? For consideration, please check the qualifications below.

  • Must have current mental health needs, necessitating some degree of support to comfortably live independently
  • Must be single and at least 16 years of age
  • Must be prepared to consent to support as part of your tenancy agreement
  • Must have some kind of housing need i.e. either homeless or living in improper housing
  • Must be prepared to accept either shared or self-contained accommodation
  • Must possess basic daily living skills and be able to ensure your own safety;
  • Must be able to keep up to your medical prescription if provided
  • Must adhere to SUPPORTED HOUSING’S equal opportunities policy
  • Must accept the terms of any tenancy offered.

We urge our tenants to kindly be in a state to limit their use of drugs, demonstrate a willingness to abstinence or agree to commit themselves to services linked to addressing alcohol use or problematic drug use. We offer limited services for shared accommodation but we will support you with possible assistance needed.

 Will I need to pay anything? This is dependent on a number of factors like individuals income, availability of tenant’s saving scheme etc. but a small personal contribution towards meeting the cost of accommodation is necessary. We expect you to disclose all relevant information before signing up for our accommodation services.  Already decided, what next? Application can be online (direct) or via Housing Support Register. A small background information is however needed if you choose the direct way, but if you choose to use the Housing Support Register, we will obtain the information we need from them. Afterwards, a meeting is scheduled (based on your individual needs) and appropriate help supplied. Should there be no vacant rooms to accommodate you, your name will be recorded on the waiting list after which you will be alerted whenever there is a vacancy.

If you need more information or clarity, please Contact Us by filling the form below or call in anytime on 0208 088 9019

Call us: 0208 088 9019

Email us: sales@lebernservices.co.uk