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About Us

About Supported Housing Supported Housing, UK is home to many individuals who have either suffered from mental illnesses, homelessness, or serious physical disabilities who need adequate care in secluded or protected housing facilities. We offer a wide range of tenures, which include leasehold, shared housing ownership, supported housing, social housing, commercial units and keyworker accommodation. We are fully licensed and we cooperate with city councils and other government bodies to offer these services. Other than housing facilities, we run several programs that have proved to be useful to people and has benefited both our tenants and neighborhoods. Our programs include:

  • Recovery schemes or programmes,
  • Health and wellbeing initiatives,
  • Employment and related training programmes,
  • Family support programmes

We endeavor to provide quality homes- clean, well-maintained, safe and comfy for all. We also aim to provide opportunities to achieve business excellence, influential growth, assist build prosperous communities and finally deliver the best of services in our field of expertise. See our contact details below on how to reach us or fill in the form below for all kinds of information.

Quick Customer Service: 0208 088 9019

Email us: sales@lebernservices.co.uk