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    Supported Housing Services

    We specialize in different housing needs for individuals with special needs (mental health), and require humble space to independently carry on with their lives

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Supported Housing, UK

We specialize in a wide range of specialized housing needs for individuals with special needs, and require humble space to independently carry on with their lives.

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Quality Services

With a team of dedicated housing experts, Supported Housing boasts of a wide range of quality services tailored to meet all your specials needs. Our priority is to provide a highly personalized supported housing experience for every client, thus making our customers feel comfortable with their decisions.

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Tenancy and Floating Support

We have a team of professionals specializing in various tenant and family support services as well as resettlement services. Our experts provide outreach support to families and tenants, along with proper advice on issues such as general needs in accommodation which is crucial for tenants or families

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Who are we?

Supported Housing provide home to individuals who have either suffered from mental illnesses, homelessness, or serious physical disabilities who need support to independently live comfortably We offer a wide range of tenures, which include leasehold, shared housing ownership, supported housing, social housing and commercial units.

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Client Testimonials

I'm happy i made the decision to trust Supported Housing, UK. I'm enjoying my life over here and i fully recommend it to all who wish to have housing services for individuals with special needs. The services are heavily personalized and they are very efficient. Thanks SP, UK

Got questions? Are you in need of professional and efficient supported housing services? Kindly share with us your worries and we will give you peace of mind.